Shelters in Tokyo

April 4, 2011

Dear Friends of the Tokyo Philippine Studies Group,
We are very happy to inform you that many individuals and groups promptly responded 
to our request for cash donations and voluntary works, in order to assist those Filipinos 
and their family members who were shifted to Tokyo from their respective areas of 
devastation. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your 
After the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, the Philippine Embassy in 
Tokyo sent busses filled with relief goods to the Sendai area. The buses on returning 
brought back to Tokyo a number of Filipinos and their families who wished to take 
temporary shelter in the Philippines, and about half of them were children.
These people were well accommodated at shelters provided by the Kichijoji Catholic 
Church, the Franciscan Chapel Center at Roppongi, the Wesley Center, the Tokyo Light 
House Church, and other places. The Philippine Embassy and the Catholic Tokyo 
International Center (CTIC), jointly took care of these evacuees, with the support of 
many individuals and groups.
By the end of March 2011, a total of about 150 people had received shelter, and over 
100 had departed to the Philippines. Hence, by the end of March, the last shelter at the 
Franciscan Chapel Center at Roppongi was closed.
More than three weeks have passed since March 11, and we do not expect to encounter 
many more individuals who wish to depart to the Philippines. Although the situation at the 
nuclear power plants in Fukushima still remains unsettled, we presume that what is 
needed now is long-term material and spiritual help and support to the Filipinos and their 
families, who are striving hard to reestablish their lives and communities within the 
devastated areas.
The Philippine Embassy and the CTIC have been in contact with the people of the area, 
but we would require additional time to truly comprehend their situation. In the meantime, 
we would like to continue our appeal for cash donations and other forms of cooperation.
These donations will be used primarily for foreigners (many of whom are Filipinos) and 
their families. You will be duly informed at a later stage about the total amount of 
donations that were sent to the CTIC account, when the CTIC makes an official 
announcement regarding the matter.
For cash donations, please use the following account:
Japan Postal Bank
  Account Name: Tokyo Catholic International Center Sanjokai
  Account Number: 00150-5-120640
 Sending Remittance to CTIC SendingRemittance20to20CTIC.pdf

Please be sure to mention the fact that your donation is for foreigners living in the 
devastated areas.
Also, please visit the following CTIC homepage:
Thank you once again for your support.

Volunteers of Tokyo Philippine Studies Group
Makiko TAMAKI (Meiji University) (Coordinator)
Satoshi MIYAWAKI (Tokyo Christian University)
Fumiko UCHIYAMA (Tsuru University)
Takefumi TERADA (Sophia University)


March 20, 2011

Dear Friends of Tokyo Philippine Studies Group,

On March 11th, 2011 the greatest earthquake in recorded history brought unprecedented 
disaster to Japan. We pray that all of you and your beloved ones are safe during these 
difficult times.
We are deeply concerned about those Filipinos living in areas affected by the natural 
disaster. Thus the Philippine Embassy has been sending staff to the Tohoku (North-East) 
region of Japan in hopes of trying to contact afflicted Filipinos and their families. On 
March 16th, 43 Filipinos and some of their family members arrived in Tokyo from Sendai 
by buses prepared by the Philippine Embassy and were sheltered at various churches in 
and around Tokyo. Shortly thereafter, about 50 more evacuees from Fukushima arrived 
in Tokyo.
Groups of embassy staff, Filipino clergy, staff from the Catholic Tokyo International 
Center (CTIC) of the Archdiocese of Tokyo and Filipino and Japanesevolunteers from 
Tokyo and Chiba churches have been supporting these evacuees. There still remain many 
more Filipinos seeking ways to evacuate from affected areas.
This is why we volunteers of Tokyo Philippine Studies Group (TPSG) along with Makiko 
Tamaki (of the TPSG secretariat) as the chief coordinator have decided to support the 
Filipinos left in affected areas as well as those evacuated who are now away from their 
homes. Finally, it is also important that we recognize the hard efforts of many student 
volunteers from the Philippines Studies Program of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies 
who have already begun working at shelters in designated churches.
Filipino supporters in Tokyo have made an appeal to Filipinos for their support. The 
original appeal message was written in English that was then translated into Japanese. 
Both of these are attached below. Wide-ranging and continued support is necessary but 
for now financial support is crucial. Costs of food, transportation, medical care, etc. are 
still needed. For these we kindly request help with monetary donations to cover these 
If and when possible, we implore you to extend this information to your friends. We will 
provide you with further news as the situation changes. But as for now, we look forward 
to your kind support and any helping hand you might be able to offer for the cause of 
those fellow Filipinos in need.
Finally, if you request not to be contacted in the future on these matters, please kindly 
inform us of such desire.

Volunteers of Tokyo Philippine Studies Group
Makiko TAMAKI (Meiji University) (Coordinator)
Satoshi MIYAWAKI (Tokyo Christian University)
Fumiko UCHIYAMA (Tsuru University)
Takefumi TERADA (Sophia University)


Nagkakaisang Pinoy sa Bansang Hapon
On March 11, a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 hit the Tohoku and Kanto 
Regions. This was followed by a devastating tsunami that rendered thousands homeless 
and without basic necessities for the past several days. The earthquake-triggered 
tsunami also affected the nuclear power plant in Fukushima and people living within the 30
-km radius were advised to evacuate to avoid the harmful effects of radiation. Among 
those severely affected by the series of calamities include about 4,500 Filipinos living in 
Iwate, Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures.  
The Philippine Embassy in Tokyo sent out a team to hardest-hit areas to evacuate 
Filipinos. The first batch of 43 evacuees arrived on March 16, Wednesday, and  
temporarily staying at Kichijoji Catholic Church. The Franciscan Chapel Center and the 
Tokyo Light House, Otaku (Protestant Church) provided shelter to the second and third 
batches that arrived the following day with 43 and 15 evacuees, respectively.  
To better respond to the needs of our kababayans affected by the calamity, a 
coordinating body composed of representatives from the Philippine Embassy, the Catholic 
Tokyo International Center (CTIC), Philippine Assistance Group (PAG), church groups, 
FilCom and volunteers was organized. The coordinating body will attend to the needs of 
Filipinos housed in the temporary shelters and pool resources to provide assistance to 
those who are still in the affected areas.
In the spirit of bayanihan, we call on every Filipino to help in whatever capacity possible.  
For cash donations:  
Japan Postal Bank (Account Name: Tokyo Catholic International Center Sanjokai ? 
Jishin; Account Number: 00150-5-120640).
For donations in kind: Kindly consider the request for water, milk, fruits (banana, apples 
or oranges), rice, vegetables, bread, eggs, meat products (sausage, chicken, pork or beef) 
that are needed in the temporary shelters and evacuation areas. Since half of the 
evacuees are children, we also need toys, books, games and baby food. Donations in kind 
can be sent directly to the temporary shelter or to the Philippine Embassy. 
For Homestay: Those who would like to offer their homes to host evacuees, please 
contact Joseph Banal (090-1778-3759). 
For Volunteers: Those who can provide counseling to evacuees or help in the shelter 
(cook meals or babysitting): Please coordinate with Fr. Resty Ogsimer, CS (090-9688-
These are trying times but the Filipinos will rise above any calamity because of faith and 
love for fellow Filipinos. Let us keep the spirit of BAYANIHAN alive in us. Maraming 
salamat po.