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International Artists Center is a non-profit organization. It was established in 1960 and has been doing its activities in the aim to contribute to the international understanding and the world peace through cultural exchanges which have in the base the respect to each folkloric culture. Please see the flyer enclosed.
The main activities of the International Artists Center are following 3 projects.

1 The World Folkloric Art Series@
(In collaboration with the embassies in Japan we plan and carry out the performances of music groups and dance groups from overseas in Japan.)

2 The performance of the gJapan Folkloric Art Dance Troupeh in Japan and overseas.

3 The dispatch of cultural inspection groups or Japanese artists to overseas (In collaboration with the embassies in Japan and the government of the visiting country we present Japanese people the opportunities to see and appreciate the folkloric cultures of the world on the spot.)

If you are planning a cultural exchange program,  please consult us.  We would like to organize the performances with you.   We hope that we could do cultural exchange projects that can deepen the understanding between your country and Japan.

History of the International Artists Center

@ Conferences Organized by the International Artists Center

@ What We Do

  • Ballet ''No More Hiroshimas''

    Prayer of Hiroshima - "Never should mankind allow the tragedy of Hiroshima to be repeated on this earth. By means of wisdom and courage, let us find a solution so that nuclear power be led to peace and happiness.
    As the voice of human hope, art has the power to penetrate deep into the human conscience, transcending the difference of ideas, positions and nationalities.
    Dance appeals with the heart and body."

  • Japan Folkloric Art Dance Troupe

    "The Art of Aza" is a traditional indegenous art in Japan's local districts called "Aza."
    In 20th century, Japan vigorously introduced Western culture, music, and technologies. Today, Japan as an advanced country must build friendly relations with every country of the world. In this context, it is crucially important for Japan not only to preserve and perpetuate the "Art of Aza" but also to introduce it to the world of 21st century.

  • International Cultural Exchange Programs in Cooperation with Embassies in Japan

    Every country has a rich heritage of arts and folklore
    Songs, dances, music, and paintings,
    bred among its people since ancient times,
    embrace the soul of the folk.
    Appreciating the wonders of folklore
    links the heart of various peoples, and leads to world harmony.

The name of the countries and the cities, which are written on this homepage, is the name at the time when each event was held.

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