About this Site

My policy to create this site


Welcome to my web site "SMALL FRY MOTORS".

This site is personal site from Japan. You can see some contents about my cars and motorcycles. They are not big name motors but small fry motors. I am enjoying them every day.


I'm sorry, there are few English contents compared with Japanese. When I started up this site, I assumed almost visitors will come from Japan. But to my surprise, I sometimes receive emails from foreign countries.

I think that I should extend more pages in English. But my working speed is very slow, because I'm not good at English.

Of course, I welcome emails from foreign countries, if you don't mind my poor English.


Photos and paper models in this site are all my work, except scanning of printed matter to introduce relevant items. I created them with labor. But I know some sites are useing my work without my permission. I can't admire their sites. So regrettably, I decided to put "SFM" logo in my work to protect my copyright.

Special Thanks

To my wife. She understands the inconvenience for my cars and motorcycles, and is enjoying them with me.

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