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@This English version of "The Raptor Forest" is intended to provide the information on raptor conservation issues in Japan - what's happening now. You will see what is coming over endangered raptors in Japan and how people are trying to slove the problems. (The original website in Japanese also provides the information on raptor medicine/rehabilitation, raptor books, raptor drawings, etc.)

Last Update Date: July 8, 2006 (established on April 16, 2006)


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šRaptor Issues in Japanš
Collided white-tailed eagle Eagles in Japan are Threatened by Wind Farms!
Since 2004, endangered White-tailed Eagles have been killed due to collision against wind turbins (see left) - Steller's Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles are at risk as well. The construction of some wind farms also threatens their crucial habitats. Should we promote wind power even in the case where protected raptors would be put in danger?
Lead Poisoning Kills Wintering Sea Eagles in Hokkaido
Many Sea Eagles (White-tailed and Steller's) have been suffreing from lead poisoning in Hokkaido (norhtern Japan). Where does the lead come from? - lead bullets used for deer hunting.
Breeding Steller's Sea Eagles are at Risk!
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An oilfield/gasfiled exploitation is going on one of the major breeding grounds of Steller's Sea Eagle in Sakhalin, Rossia (just north of Hokkaido, Japan). There is a doubt that the developer intentionally reported less breeding pairs in the area to reationalize their explaitation.
Restore Forests for Golden Eagles! - An Attempt For Rich Biodiversity
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Japanese Golden Eagles are endangered species. One project is undergoing in Niigata Prefecture, northern Japan, to restore forests with favorable foraging habitat for the eagles. During the prosess, it is also expected to enhance biodiversity in the forests.
šInformation on Japanese Raptorsš
List of Japanese Raptprs
Includes scientific, English, and Japanese names, and some other info (such as their status).
Japanese Organizations Concerning Raptors
List of such organizations, including their websites.
The sites here have some English pages.
šRaptor Artš
Raptor Photo Books
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Introduction of photo books about Japanese raptors.
peregrin falcon Gallery
Enjoy some drawings of raptors by Chikako AKAKI!
You will see Japanese species (such as the Hodgson's Hawk Eagle) and North American species (such as the Red-taild Hawk). All drawings are produeced with colored-pencil.

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